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Frequently Asked Questions

What is .QTH?

QTH is an international "Q-Code" which is commonly used in radio communication and is an acronym for "Location". It's also Top Level Domain (TLD) on the Handshake Naming System. A TLD is the last segment of a domain name in a website address, for example, ".com" or ".net" and is sometimes called a "domain extension".

What is the Handshake Naming System?

The Handshake Naming System (HNS) is a new and experimental Domain Name System (DNS) that uses blockchain technology to provide a more robust, privacy oriented and decentralized internet. Unlike the existing traditional DNS, Handshake is free from oversight from a single central body and gives internet users more freedom and control over their domain name.

You can learn more about Handshake here.

How do you access a .QTH domain?

At this time, most browsers are unable to access Handshake domains as standard and you will need to do some additional setup in order to access Handshake domains.

There are several options we recommend:

  • - A public DNS resolver
  • NextDNS - a private DNS service offering free and paid options
  • - An easy to use web proxy service
  • Fingertip - An open source, lightweight utility for Mac and Windows

In time, it's hoped that the major players in Operating Systems and web browsers will integrate HNS alongside traditional DNS. Opera has already integrated HNS into it's Crypto browser and has announced it's working towards supporting HNS with a future release of it's mainstream browser.

What can you do with a .QTH domain?

Just like a normal domain name, you can use a Handshake domain name however you like. Here are some examples:

  • Host a website - You can host a dedicated website on your handshake domain name.
  • Redirect to an existing website - Already have a website? You can redirect your Handshake domain name to it.

Where can you purchase a .QTH domain name?

You can purchase a .QTH domain name via one of our partners shown at the top of this website and it's exactly the same as purchasing a traditional domain name. Once purchased, you will be able to log into the control panel on the chosen partner's website and control your new domain name.

Why .QTH instead of .com?

Purchasing a .QTH domain name is a great way to experiment with, and become part of, the decentralized internet. This is a brand new technology and could well be the birth of the next generation of addressing on the internet.

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